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What are auto welding with laser welding machine for welding

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-29
In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standard, people demand for automobile products is rising year by year. And now people like to chase the personality trend products, in the practical cars often are not consumers. To cater to the needs of the consumers now, now of the automobile manufacturing to personalized and intelligent direction, through the reasonable design and attract consumers now rich function. And on the need to meet these requirements, carmakers, now need to abandon the traditional idea, USES the high and new technology for processing now. Laser technology as a high-tech means, now has a higher level of automation and intelligent, fully able to meet now automobile manufacture of personalized and intelligent processing needs. In auto welding area at present, using the present laser welding machine for processing, can improve the economic effect of automobile manufacturing now. Such as body assembly of a large number of spot welding, the two place on the edge of the workpiece welding welding head, flange width need 16 mm, and laser welding is single side welding, only need 5 mm, for laser spot welding, the welding, can save steel 40 kg per car. With the traditional spot welding welding two pieces of 0. 8 mm steel plate stamping parts, and the average is 20 points/min, welding distance is 25 mm, the velocity is zero. 5 m/min, with laser welding speed can reach more than 5 m/min. And laser welding is controlled by the computer software control technology, can realize accurate control of point to point, very high demand for the precision of automobile manufacturing industry, the emergence of laser welding machine, certainly not better auto welding processing solution. Is a set of commonly used kilowatt laser machining robot system, as long as hundreds of thousands of dollars on reliability and quality can be guaranteed, at the same time, the fault probability of only 2%, which for the auto industry, whether from the Angle of economy, or from the perspective of efficiency of the above view, laser welding machine for welding processing of automobile products, to be sure, not perfect processing solutions. Laser welding machine auto welding
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