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What are the advantages of bag-in-box filling machines? It is necessary to know!

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-05
What are the advantages of bag-in-box filling machines? It is necessary to know! The bag in the box is a one-time package with convenient storage and transportation, low packaging cost, good anti-counterfeiting effect, avoiding secondary filling, and renewable packaging materials. Compared with traditional packaging forms such as glass bottles, PET bottles, plastic barrels, etc. , it has obvious competitive advantages. Compared with the traditional liquid packaging form, the liquid packaging in the box has the following advantages: long shelf life, good light protection and oxygen resistance, less packaging materials and renewable recycling, it can fill a variety of specifications of products on the same box bag filling machine, suitable for aseptic, non-aseptic, cold filling, hot filling and other processing processes, from semi-automatic to fully automatic flexible choice of box bag flexible packaging filling machine, improve transportation and storage efficiency, reduce storage and transportation costs, and significantly reduce packaging costs. Based on the great advantages of bag-in-box packaging, bag-in-box liquid flexible packaging filling machine has become a popular product in the liquid filling machine market. Box bag flexible packaging filling machine can provide perfect filling solutions for most liquid products. Beverages: beer, fruit juice, water, wine, concentrated pulp, syrup. Liquid food: dairy products, edible oil, sauce, soup. Other Liquids: chemical products, detergent oil, pharmaceutical. The above content is about the explanation of the bag filling machine in the box, I hope to help everyone. The content of the article comes from the internet. If you have any questions, please contact us!
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