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What are the advantages of laser online printer?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-20
Laser on-line inkjet printer has many advantages, and many customers have started to use laser on-line inkjet printer. In some foods and beverages we have seen, there have been a large number of laser marking applications, compared with the traditional coding machine, the overall marking effect has indeed changed dramatically. The most obvious thing is that the colors are different and the products are marked on the surface at the same time, more anti-counterfeiting, anti-channeling, traceability functionality. There is obvious effect difference between the laser on-line inkjet printer and the inkjet inkjet printer as more and more users praise, the laser on-line inkjet printer is famous in the domestic marking industry, after knowing the benefits of laser machines, more users begin to consult and are willing to buy and install laser online code spraying machines. This trend is that laser can see and provide all-round services. From the beginning of laser's establishment, it has always been a high-tech enterprise that provides high-quality code-spraying and marking services to users in various industries, regardless of the size of the enterprise. Under such motive power, all the technical engineers and sales engineers of Qianli have made great efforts to make some detailed promotion and introduction to customers with various high-quality products worldwide, let everyone better understand the technical parameters and application of the potential laser online inkjet printer and inkjet printer, and accept our new marking equipment to a greater extent. What are the advantages of purchasing laser online inkjet printers, and some of the problems we will face when purchasing and installing laser online inkjet printers and after-sales service. The laser on-line inkjet printer with more green environmental protection has obvious advantages. First, the laser on-line inkjet printer has higher cost performance. It can be seen from some aspects that some customers are very sensitive to the price and often compare with the price of the inkjet printer. When they hear that the laser online inkjet printer is relatively expensive than the inkjet printer, they are afraid, however, what the laser wants to tell you is that whether it is a laser machine or a inkjet printer, we usually choose to use it for a long time when comparing, and carry out mass production and a large number of product code marking work in the factory, it is irrational to just look at the price of machinery and equipment. In terms of later use, the laser machine has the advantages of more saving, environmental protection and low carbon, saving a lot of ink and solvent costs of the printer. For the general imported inkjet printer, the annual cost of ink and solvent is usually more than 10 thousand yuan. After many years of use, the cost is amazing. The laser machine just saves the most part. Second, the laser on-line inkjet printer is nearly 'zero maintenance', saving a lot of time. The advantages of laser on-line inkjet printer cannot be quantified, and the time cost is an important standard for factories to care about and evaluate. For inkjet printers, the maintenance cost is something that all purchasing users have to consider in advance. Most domestic and imported inkjet printers adopt a one-year warranty policy. For laser online inkjet printers, the maintenance is basically zero, plug-in and use, the failure rate is extremely low, and the problems usually encountered are often caused by unfamiliar operations. For this problem, laser engineers can basically make the laser machine run normally through telephone guidance, fast processing time. Third, laser on-line inkjet printer is more in line with sustainable development, more green and environmental protection with the rapid development of economy, environmental protection has gradually attracted the attention of domestic political and business circles, how to make rational use of resources under the condition of rapid development, ensure sustainable and renewable development, and maintain the green unity of ecological environment has become the main problem. Laser on-line coding machine came into being without any consumption of ink solvent, plug-in, permanent identification is realized through the cooperation of laser tube, vibrating mirror and control system. In some large domestic enterprises such as 'Nongfu mountain spring ', 'Coca-Cola' and so on have all started to use laser machine marking on products to realize permanent anti-counterfeiting marking, which is more efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly, has a high economic cost performance and conforms to the long-term development strategy of the enterprise.
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