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What are the characteristics of tubular sterilization machine?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-28
Tubular sterilization machine has automatic cleaning function, the use of advanced technology, to ensure the smooth progress of the sterilization process and the whole process of sterility, to avoid the need for sterilization of the pollution of the goods. The reliability is relatively high. The main components of the tubular sterilizer, such as valves, are all of international famous brands with quality assurance. Characteristics of tubular sterilizer 1. The system accessories are all products with good performance and high reliability. The system design attaches great importance to safety. Steam, hot water, materials, etc. have pressure protection measures and alarm systems. 2. Tubular heat exchanger, materials and heat exchange medium all work in turbulent state, with high heat exchange efficiency, reducing scaling and increasing the continuous working time of sterilization machine. It is completely comparable to imported equipment. 3. The whole system control adopts PLC and touch screen interface operation, the man-machine interface is simple and easy to understand, just press the start button, CIP cleaning of the equipment, equipment automatic sterilization to the material (Milk)The whole sterilization process realizes full automatic control. 4. The sterilization operation by plate UHT Sterilizer can improve the sterilization efficiency of materials, not only fast sterilization, but also low energy consumption of equipment and increase the use cost of enterprises. It can be used for instantaneous ultra-high temperature sterilization and pasteurization of liquid materials containing fibers and pellets, beverages, tomato sauce, fruit juice, artificial materials, ice cream and other liquid materials. https://www . jndwater. Com machinery is a liquid sand blasting factory with quantitative filling technology as its core and is committed to digital intelligent manufacturing of filling equipment. https://www . jndwater. Com has always been committed to the research and development of high and new technologies with advanced technology and unique comprehensive strength of software and hardware. The leading business covers box bag filling machine, aseptic filling machine, tube sterilization machine, automatic box bag filling machine, automatic filling machine production line, pasteurization machine, etc. , suitable for filling various types of BIB bags, various specifications of sterile bags, large liquid bags and box bags of various specifications.
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