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What are the common filling methods of aseptic filling machines?

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-02
Today, let's follow the footsteps of Xiaobian to learn more about the common filling methods of aseptic filling machines. I hope that the sharing of Xiaobian can give you a better understanding of aseptic filling machines. I. Common filling methods of aseptic filling machines: 1. Atmospheric pressure method: Atmospheric pressure method is also called pure gravity method, that is, under atmospheric pressure, liquid material flows into the packaging container by its own weight. Most of the free-moving gas-liquid-free materials can be filled with this method. 2. Isobaric method: isobaric method is also called pressure gravity filling method, that is, under the condition of higher than atmospheric pressure, first, inflate the packaging container to form the same air pressure as the liquid storage tank, and then flow into the packaging container by the weight of the liquid to be filled. This method is widely used for filling of gas-containing beverages, such as beer, soda, sparkling wine, etc. Using this method to fill can reduce the loss of CO2 contained in this kind of products, and can avoid excessive foaming in the filling process and affect the product quality and quantitative accuracy. 3. The pressure method uses mechanical pressure or pressure to squeeze the filled materials into the packaging container. This method is mainly used for filling thick materials with higher viscosity, for example, filling tomato sauce, minced meat, toothpaste, balsam, etc. Sometimes it can also be used for filling soft drinks such as soda. At this time, the soda water's own air pressure is directly poured into the bottle without inflation and equal pressure, thus improving the filling speed, the foam formed is easy to disappear because there is no colloid in soda water, which has a corresponding impact on the filling quality. 4. Vacuum Method: vacuum method is below atmospheric pressure conditions for filling, can be carried out in two ways: differential pressure vacuum, heavy vacuum. Vacuum filling has a wide range of applications, which is suitable for filling liquid materials with slightly higher viscosity, such as oils and syrups. It is also suitable for filling liquid materials containing vitamins, such as vegetable juice and fruit juice. The formation of vacuum in the bottle means reducing the contact between liquid materials and air and prolonging the shelf life of the product. https://www . jndwater. Com machinery is a high-tech enterprise focusing on quantitative filling technology and devoting itself to digital intelligent manufacturing of filling equipment. It is one of the manufacturers with relatively complete product lines of food filling equipment in the country. Aseptic filling machine is a good choice for you!
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