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What are the types of filling machines

What are the types of filling machines


What is the working principle of the filling machine? What types of filling machines are there? I believe many people who are interested in filling machines have these questions, right?

1. Atmospheric filling machine

Liquid products are packed into packaging containers under normal pressure, and are only suitable for filling low-viscosity, gas-free liquid products, such as wine, vinegar, soy sauce, etc.

2. Negative pressure filling machine

The packaging container is pumped to form a negative pressure, and then the liquid product is filled into the packaging container. Negative pressure filling machines are divided into two types, one is the positive pressure of the storage tank and the negative pressure of the packaging container, which relies on the differential pressure to fill (pressure differential negative pressure filling machine); Self-loading filling (gravity type negative pressure filling machine). Suitable for filling fruit juice drinks, toxic pesticides and chemical reagents.

3. Isobaric irrigation machine

Inflate the container first, make the gas pressure in the container equal to the gas pressure, and then fill.

Suitable for filling carbonated drinks and gas-containing wines, such as soda, cola, beer, etc.

4. Pressure filling machine

The liquid in the container is filled with external mechanical pressure.

Suitable for filling viscous materials and fluids. Such as toothpaste, ketchup, bean paste, balsam, etc.

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