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What are the typical features of laser marking machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-23
Laser marking machine using range is wide, and in many industries have the advantage of high. Laser marking machine technology in recent years, more and more applications in the field of printing, laser marking machine can be used including plastic and rubber, metal, silicon and other materials. With the traditional laser marking machine engraving, chemical etching, silk screen, printing ink, printing compared to the way such as low cost, high flexibility, can control computer system, and laser acting on the workpiece surface strong permanent marker of sex is its outstanding features of permanent sex: such as tag will not by environmental relations ( Touching, acid and gas, high temperature, low temperature reduction, etc. ) And fade; Rubber seals: with laser marking technology, fashioned out of generic and not easy to change, to a certain extent, has a strong rubber seals; Non-contact: laser engraving is not mechanical & quot; Laser scalpel & quot; Carry on the processing, can be in any regular or irregular surface printing tags, and marking after won't produce internal stress of workpiece, the original precision of workpiece. Do not produce corrosion on the surface of a work, no & quot; Tool & quot; Wear, non-toxic, non-polluting; Wide applicability: the use of lasers in processing means, to a variety of metals, non-metallic materials ( Aluminum, copper, iron, wood, etc. ) Processing; High precision carving, laser marking machine engraving items texture fine, a string cable width can reach 0. 04mm。 Mark clear, durable and beautiful. Laser printed label can meet the minimum needs of huge amounts of data can be printed on the plastic parts. Printing requirements, for example, more accurate, higher resolution of the two dimensional barcode, compared with the embossing or jet marking way, have stronger market competitiveness; Low operating costs: marking efficiency and a forming, small energy consumption, and low operating cost. Although the laser marking machine equipment investment than traditional equipment; High machining efficiency under the computer control of laser beam can be high-speed mobile ( Efficiency up to 5 to 7 m/s) , marking process can be finished in a few seconds; 8 development fast due to a combination of laser technology and computer technology, the user as long as the laser print can be realized on the computer programming, and can change at any time to print design, replace the traditional mold production process, fundamentally to reduce the cycle of the product upgrading and flexible production provides a convenient tool. Is about the advantages of laser marking machine more than 9 conclusion laser marking equipment recommendation: preferential deals offer 4007001618 【 Optical fiber laser marking equipment 】 Mainly used for metal and non-metallic laser marking part USES, tags and beautiful, fast, no material; 【 CO2 laser marking equipment 】 Non-metallic products used for the laser marking purposes; 【 Uv laser marking equipment 】 Adopt import uv laser, it is mainly used for metal and non-metallic products fine marking purposes; 【 Metal laser marking equipment 】 Based on customer specific products, production line, the demand for design and production and customer demand, customized models. 【 Semiconductor laser marking machine 】 Stable performance, price moderate 【 Green laser marking machine 】 High prices, product customization is given priority to YAG laser marking machine 】 Metal, plastic and other products used for moderate price more metal laser marking equipment laser marking machines, laser marking
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