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What is the general price of ceramic laser marking machine?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-27
Ceramic laser marking machine is a laser marking machine for processing ceramics, which can meet the requirements of customers and Mark satisfactory patterns. With the improvement of living standards, everyone's requirements for material living standards are getting higher and higher, the pursuit of personalization, ceramic laser marking efficiency is high, the effect is good, for ceramic bathroom, ceramic crafts, ceramic tableware and other products provide a good technical solution. The basic principle and application of ceramic laser marking machine marking is to use laser beam to mark the surface of various substances permanently. The effect of marking is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material, or to 'carve' the trace through the chemical and physical changes of the surface material caused by light energy, or to burn some of the material through light energy, show the pattern and text to be etched. Ceramic laser marking machine can engrave metal and various non-metallic materials. It is more suitable to be applied to some occasions requiring finer and higher precision. Applied to electronic components, integrated circuits (IC) Electrical appliances, mobile phone communications, hardware products, tool accessories, precision instruments, glasses clocks, jewelry accessories, auto parts, plastic keys, building materials, PVC pipes. But because of the high cost, in recent years in the field of marking for some metal or non-metal parts, the laser marking machine is gradually replaced by the pneumatic marking machine. What is the general price of ceramic laser marking machine? Laser recommended co2 laser marking machine (Carbon dioxide laser marking machine). Ceramic laser marking machine is equipped with high-quality optical devices, highly stable laser power supply and fully automatic control system. The whole machine system has high marking precision, fast speed, extremely stable performance and can work continuously for a long time. The main marking products of co2 laser marking models are made of nonmetallic materials. Generally speaking, the supporting laser marking equipment includes vibrating mirror, field mirror, portable laser marking machine, software and laser source. Whether the laser is imported or not, the power of the laser is different. The price of laser marking machine is also different. Mainly depends on the actual process requirements, to evaluate the price of laser marking machine according to the power model configuration.
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