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What is the role of laser marking machine?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-21
Laser marking machine is a kind of marking on the surface of various substances by laser beam. Laser marking machine is widely used in many fields such as electronic devices, hardware products and auto parts, so why is laser marking machine so widely used and what is its effect? The function of laser marking machine: 1. The primary typesetting function of software: two-dimensional text, curved typesetting, optional angles in two directions and adjustable interval filling (Mobile phone keyboard marking must be filled in two directions), Similar to the scanning function of engraving machine. Under the general operation speed, filling and induction need accurate cooperation, and certain compensation function is supplied when the speed is fast. Bar Code, 2D and 2D semi-bar code, you can choose to output the content represented by the bar code. Supply filling function. Serial Number: including production time and serial number, need to supply a variety of formats, such as: laser marking machine product factory number (April 26, 2013; 2013-10-26)Wait. Supply the function of automatically jumping numbers according to the set initial value and step value. Sometimes it is necessary to mark the name of the person or other text, and automatically output the text content one by one through the txt file that is already in the sequence. Supply filling function. Can receive bitmap and plt, dxf and other format files. Click on the screen once to become a micro hole, and then array. When hitting the point, the continuation time of each point can be set. Array, replication, policy accurate movement, rotation, alignment and other functions. See scaps software. It is estimated that the software Chinese manual can be supplied next week. Second, the work needed: Footwear bags leather clothing: leather data marking, the first image, sometimes depicting the need to be hollowed out together, a single customer needs to add a neat roll of information, perhaps a larger area of leather clothing, to be able to mark more than the processing planning of the header, you need accurate spelling. Food, pharmaceutical: packaging marking, the primary production date and serial number marking, all need to cooperate with the assembly line. The higher requirement is to automatically explore the transmission speed through sensors and adjust the marking speed together to ensure accurate marking under the condition of uneven conveyor speed. Keyboard marking: mobile phone transparent keys and computer keyboard marking. Generally, a collaborative pipeline is also required. Button marking: first, the company or brand logo is printed on the resin and plastic buttons, all of which require curved text typesetting. Denim image marking: the marking width is large, the power needs to be high, and it is necessary to coordinate the single-axis movement of the header. Electronic devices, chip marking hardware tools, bearings, aluminum parts, sanitary ware faucet marking: metal marking. First hit the company logo and serial number, etc. Jewelry marking: First of all, precious metals need to be manufactured with very accurate tooling. It is necessary to have accurate red dot positioning. Marking of tobacco working tipping paper: marking at high speed, the first step is to make equal intervals of micropores on the tipping paper wrapping the filter tip, the size of the holes is the size of the light spot. The above is the introduction of the role of laser marking machine, laser marking machine marking can be pattern, text and trademark, I believe that there will be a greater breakthrough in the future.
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