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What price is quoted by laser marking machine for energy-saving lamps?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-19
With the improvement of residents' quality of life, people pay great attention to energy conservation, emission reduction and healthy lifestyle. Energy-saving lamps are widely used in life. It has: 1. Energy saving. The energy consumption of white LED is only 1/10, 2 of incandescent lamp, longevity. The service life can reach more than 100 thousand hours, which can be described as 'once and for all' for ordinary household lighting '; 3. The light distribution technology expands the light source to an area light source, increases the light emitting surface, eliminates glare, sublimes visual effects and eliminates visual fatigue; 4, green environmental protection, no lead, mercury and other polluting elements, no pollution to the environment; In order to save costs, merchants have chosen energy-saving lamps, laser marking machines, LOGO marks and product information on lamps, which replace traditional ink and save costs and environmental protection. Energy-saving lamp head laser marking the text and pattern you need, using imported high-speed scanning mirror, fast speed, high precision, stable performance. The processing cost is low and printing consumables such as ink are not required. Can work continuously for 24 hours. Can carry out various patterns, LOGO, text and other information marking. Laser Marking is non-toxic, non-polluting and highly efficient, meeting the requirements of automatic production and environmental protection. The marking depth can be controlled, and the marking control of multi-layer materials is flexible and convenient. Laser marking machine is the picture, text and other signs branded on the material, not only played a practical role, but also for some brand manufacturers, this is also an important aspect of the image. Laser Marking also has the effect of anti-counterfeiting, playing the role of brand promotion and maintenance. What price is quoted by laser marking machine for energy-saving lamps? The optical fiber laser marking machine can mark metal materials. The optical fiber laser marking machine has extremely high precision and marking speed and long service life. Laser Marking stainless steel, copper, aluminum, gold, silver and other metal materials. It is applied to energy-saving lamps, electronic components, jewelry, jewelry, instruments, glasses, automobiles, craft gifts, medical devices and other industries. The quotation of laser marking machine ranges from 20 thousand to 100,000. The price of laser marking machine is related to the configuration of laser marking equipment. In high precision marking, we recommend using fiber laser marking machine. In addition, there are many factors that affect the price of laser marking machine for energy-saving lamps, such as the configuration required by the manufacturer and the brand of laser marking machine, which can also affect the price of laser marking machine.
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