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What should pay attention to details for pure water equipment

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-08
If you never contact and purchase pure water production equipment, a set of pure water equipment is a difficult test. Moderate price, quality assurance. The following will detail purchase pure water production equipment need to pay attention to the details. 1 and understand the source of the pure water production equipment, is generally tap water, well water and river water; To understand the water quality of water. 2, because it is necessary to the on-site inspection of pure water production equipment design and manufacturing capability, thus better choose local pure water production equipment manufacturers. 3, select the appearance of the pure water production equipment depends on the equipment, pipe connection with high pressure pump, raw water booster pump is not a product of the regular manufacturers. 4, ask manufacturer about detailed information of some equipment, such as reverse osmosis membrane manufacturers, production areas, the control principle of electronic control unit and the design concept of pure water production equipment. 5, after-sales service is very important, site installation and debugging and training operators, is the embodiment of the good after-sales service.
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