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When a State Governor Poisons An Entire City - Flint Water Disaster

by:J&D WATER     2019-08-20
Michael Moore, son of Flint, Michigan, award-winning documentary producer, talks about the water crisis in Flint city\"I stand in the middle of the crime scene...,\\\" Moore said.Ten people were killed...Because of the decision to save money.Crime scene of 100 potential victimsThe crime?Crime of negligenceIn a way, former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (2002-2008) sentenced to 28 years\' imprisonment for extortion.Kilpatrick is charged with mail fraud, obstruction of justice and wire transfer fraud.
Kilpatrick violated public trust.
Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has violated the public\'s trust in a worse way.Thousands of people have been physically hurt in his enthusiasm and haste, and in order to save $12 million, he has made his nepotism friends rich, control the operation of cities and school districts that he has not been elected to control.All of this is out of a poor, tragic, blind ideological motive, obsessed with the implementation of his emergency manager\'s law.
Allow governors to cancel local democratic processes in economically difficult cities and school districts, especially elections, and install emergency managers (EM ).These cities are always mostly black and mostly poor.The installed EM is controlled by Snyder and is only responsible for Snyder, not for local voters.
The EM then began to dismantle and privatize the services of the city or school board.It\'s been bothering Snyder since he started sending EMS across the state.Snyder\'s abusive use of the EM act, appointing his \"yes\" people, slaves to school districts and cities;Provide privatized nepotism contracts for the services and infrastructure of these public entities.
In addition to his desire and democratic process in the politically occupied city, this is the root cause of the Flint poisoning water disaster, at the core of the stink.That is why Snyder and EM Darnell were directly responsible for the Flint water tragedy in the early days.Do you think the word tragedy is too strong?If it is your child who is cognitive impaired by drinking lead-contaminated water, would you think?Would you think that if it were you, would your parents or grandparents be infected with veterans illness by drinking biological and chemical contaminated water?In April 25, 2014, Flint Mayor Dane Warlin changed his mind to change Flint\'s water source from the Detroit system to the Flint system to purchase the Flint River.
Flint has been using the Detroit water supply system for 50 years to process and supply water from Lake Huron.Governor Snyder, through Flint EM, determined that Flint could save $12 million by using the water from the Flint River.The Flint stone system conversion upgrade Flint stone processing plant will cost millions of dollars in real-time expenses.
When Flint was counted, it was already in financial trouble, which was a bit strange.The savings in theory are feasible, but it is speculated that Flint\'s financial emergency is still there.It\'s like an economy-strapped family, replacing its work stoves and heating systems, spending money it doesn\'t have, upgrading pipes and other peripherals, so that they can save money in the next ten years.
It can be imagined that in the public funds that Flint is already in trouble, nepotism construction contracts will be imposed.But I digress....In the weeks after Flint changed water in April 2014, people complained about the bad smell and taste of the Flint River.Many citizens began to buy bottled water.Darnell old, emergency manager of Flint appointed by the government.
Snyder assured residents\"I think people are wasting their precious money by buying bottled water.The people of Flint have been betrayed by the governor, EM and the mayor, who are a mayor without power and can only obey the will of EM law, not those who elect him.Not the human nature of the flesh and the fleshNational affairs reporter wrote:All the destructive and-The Democratic policies of all Republican governors elected in the 2010-wave election were not so disruptive and counter-productive.
Those who have been authorized to overthrow the will of voters in major cities in Michigan.When it comes to budget and distribution or national income.Subsequently, he claimed that local elected officials were unable to manage the municipal finances and appointed unelected and irresponsible managers to implement the austerity policy.
When Michigan voters refused an emergencyHe continued to revise his authoritarian approach.The governor wants to have his say in Michigan\'s municipal affairs, and he understands.Ignore data-Complaints from citizens have been falling on governors and their ears for months.
It will no longer use the water of the Flint River in the factory.GM spokesman Tom Wickham says the river in Flint is corrosive to GM\'s metal products.GM says it will return to the waters of Detroit.
On January 2015, the Flint City Council was officially elected, but there was no power. because they did not have power, the voting ceremony was grand, but there was no power;Return to Detroit to process the water.Discovery of Flint River\\ \"A study of 2011 of the Flint River found that it must acceptIt is considered a safe source of drinking water.
He added that agents spend about $100 a day, and experts say the 90% problem with flintwater could have been avoided.Snyder did not spend $100 a day.There is also a federal fault.Detroit News-.In October, the state decided to change Flint\'s drinking water source from the corrosive Flint River to the Detroit water supply system.Critics have accused Hedman of trying to keep the information in the memo in-Dilute its meaning.
..Federal officials have been engaged in bureaucracy for months, behind-the-The scene was reported in the newspaper with michigan\'s environmental quality department (DEQ) \"on whether Flint needs to use chemical treatment to keep lead lines and pipe connections from being poured into drinking water for\" battle.Heidman argues that regulation of local water supply operations is not a \"responsibility\" for federal agencies \".The EPA knew very early that the water in the Flint River was poisonous.
But it did not warn the public.
Lack of accountabilityWashington Post reports-Starting with the decision to decide the fate, put Flint under the control of a political appointee who was not elected and who was not held accountable to the public.When residents of the city initially reported their concerns in 2014, officials responded by injecting dangerous levels of chlorine into the water.When complaints continue, officials assured citizens that the water was safe to drink and repeatedly ignored clear evidence that it was safe.
There\'s a problem.
The person who said itGovernor Snyder is not only politically responsible, he is also criminally responsible.These people are alive, breathing, and are the ones he ruthlessly ignores in the pursuit of political expansion and ideological mania.Arrest him now.Thank you...I sincerely hope that my voice will help the citizens of Judge Flint.
Update -Since the Flint water crisis was revealed, Republican celebrities in Michigan have actually disappeared from public life.Probably before the 2018 election cycle, Snyder was still governor.On June, it was reported that charges of manslaughter have been filed against the following persons\"Nick Lyon, director of Health and Human Services, Michigan, former Flint emergency manager Daner Earley, former Flint public works director Howard Croft, former director of the Michigan drinking water environmental quality office, Liane Shekter-Stephen Busch, Smith and DYK District ChiefMlive continues to report-\"All new charges are related to the outbreak of veterans and the death of one person ---85-year-Old Robert Skidmore is one of at least 12 deaths associated with the outbreak.
Darnell Early is the direct, senior, emergency manager appointed by Snyder.Before the Flint tragedy broke out, Governor Snyder often boasted in the media about some reform policies, which are usually related to his emergency manager program.Since the Flint water crisis has exposed the terrible nature of the elected officials who try to do business as well as manage the government, Snyder is only the nominal governor.
Most likely this is a political decision designed to minimize damage to the Republican Party.I will use my keyboard and soap box to keep Snyder and his regrettable policy alive in the public mind
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