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Where is dongguan shenzhen food packaging laser printer?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-21
Today's consumers have higher and higher requirements for food quality. As one of the important means of product quality assurance, each food is marked with its name, specification, production date, expiration date, production batch number and other different information contents, it has become an important content in the quality standards of various products. At present, in order to save costs, protect the environment and improve work efficiency, businesses now use laser code spraying machines to spray codes. The laser coding machine for food packaging is actually a laser equipment for marking and coding on food packaging, which puts the specific information of food, for example, manufacturers, production/expiration dates, bar codes, anti-counterfeiting codes and other signs are on food packaging, because the main materials of food, production shelf life and other content are related to the safety of consumers, therefore, accurate and immutable information is very important. In order to reassure consumers, merchants must use highly identifiable laser printers. Advantages of laser coding machine for food packaging: first, it has the advantages of fast speed, high precision, good quality and small deformation, which greatly improves the appearance image and brand effect of the product; Second, the application range is wide, and almost any material can be carved, marked and printed; Third, there is no need to open the mold, the computer is edited, the deformation is convenient, the output is not limited, the new product development cycle is greatly shortened, and the development cost is reduced; Four, simple to use, any employee can learn the normal operation process of laser equipment in a short time; Five, protect the environment, without any products that are not conducive to the environment, and further create profit value on the basis of environmental friendliness; Six, can be a variety of materials, a variety of shapes on the surface of the marking, will not produce a variety of situations such as unstable operation. Where is dongguan shenzhen food packaging laser printer? Laser is a large-scale high-tech laser enterprise integrating research and development, manufacturing and sales. It has been focusing on laser equipment manufacturing for more than ten years and is specialized in providing stable and durable laser equipment. We are more competitive in the market. Laser inkjet printer has diversity, can spray text, pattern, date, expiration date, letters, two-dimensional code, logo, etc. on the product, can be changed at any time. We can customize the equipment according to the customer's needs, so that the laser inkjet printer can achieve the ideal effect required by the customer.
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