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Where is laser marking machine better than traditional marking?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-21
From the perspective of laser marking machine production application, we can from the speed, efficiency, degree of use, difficulty of operation, safety hazards, product requirements; This six aspects to understand. In terms of speed, laser engraving machine has an advantage from typesetting to LOGO forming, getting rid of silk screen printing and pad printing, from making film-Plate Making-Weaving Net-Sun board-Ink mixing-Fixture-Print LOGO. Every step in the middle cannot be wrong. The process is far more complicated than you and I imagined. And laser from mapping-Typesetting-Positioning- Laser LOGO, the intermediate process only needs to be carried out in two software, CDR software produces vector diagram files, and then imports the marking software. In terms of efficiency, the laser marking machine has no consumables, thus eliminating the ink in silk screen printing. In the operation of workers, the laser only needs to adjust the parameters, and in the process of using the silk screen, the workers are constantly required to pay attention to whether the net is blocked, whether the printed graphics have a section, and the net is clean and tidy, the external environment is clean and dust-free. In terms of the degree of use, silk screen still occupies the majority of the market. After all, it is that the laser is still not as colorful as silk screen in the LOGO expression of many products, the single color of laser limits the development of laser machines in many industries. In terms of operation difficulty, the laser marking machine is easy to operate and the screen printing operation is careful. The operation of the laser marking machine is to learn the operating software of CDR and laser typewriter, so as long as you can use the computer in this study, that is not a matter. However, in silk screen printing, you must first choose the ink, choose the color you want, get the color you want through the combination of one and multiple colors, and put the ink into the screen board, in the process of using, you should devote yourself to it. Every time you print a part of the product, you should repeat several actions, the strength of the scraper, whether the screen is blocked, whether the screen is dirty, and how much ink it is, and the uniformity of ink printing on the product. In terms of safety hazards, the laser is dazzling, and the ink belongs to the gas volatilization. Laser will inevitably produce some smoke and dust when marking LOGO, and ink (Ingredients) In the process of reconciliation and printing, a kind of smell will be produced, and these are all harmful to the body, but the laser can solve this kind of problem by equipping the exhaust fan, however, silk screen printing does change the whole working environment and cannot be effectively improved.
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