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Which is better, nameplate label laser marking machine?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-19
The sign is also called the nameplate, which is used to make the sign of the sign. The words, patterns and other contents on the sign play the role of indicating the direction and warning. The general material is made of metal sheet material, such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, alumina, zinc alloy, iron, zinc alloy, etc. Common metal signs mainly mark the manufacturer's LOGO, information parameters, or some commemorative patterns. Due to the outstanding performance of metal signs in preservation, wear resistance, appearance and texture, they are widely used. Compared with the traditional surface treatment technology of metal nameplate signs, the emergence of fiber laser marking machine has successfully solved a series of problems. Fiber laser marking machine can also be called metal laser marking machine. It is characterized by high marking precision, fast speed and stable performance. Marking on the metal surface does not require media such as ink to cover the surface, but is directly marked on the surface of the metal nameplate by laser. And only through computer control, simple operation, can print a variety of complex patterns, text, two-dimensional code and other content, through these advantages, once the nameplate label laser marking machine went on the market, it occupied a large share of the market for metal surface treatment. The surface marks of metal nameplate signs are like pattern drawing, company LOGO printing, contact information, two-dimensional code, etc. In the past, silk screen printing and pad printing in traditional printing were usually used. The working principle of silk screen printing is very simple. First, the pattern to be printed is carved on the steel plate, and then it is printed on the surface of the nameplate through the printing screen. Pad printing is to first make the group plate that needs to be printed, carve the intaglio on the steel plate, and then print it on the surface of the product with a silicone transfer head. The printing technologies of the two have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, with the development of society and the improvement of people's demand, the shortcomings of traditional printing technology are becoming more and more obvious: 1. Poor wear resistance, the wear resistance mentioned here is not the wear resistance of metal materials, but refers to the situation that the ink on the metal surface is often worn out during use, resulting in blurring and fading. 2. Poor adaptability to harsh environment, such as water pump nameplate, air compressor nameplate, mold nameplate and other equipment, due to production environment problems, they often come into contact with soaking, high temperature, chemical pollution and other conditions, ordinary printing ink simply can't stand all kinds of environmental damage. 3. Aesthetic requirements, the appearance of metal surface printing gives people a feeling of relatively low end, which is not suitable for some products with relatively high appearance requirements, such as commemorative medals, metals, business cards, exquisite company publicity nameplate, handicraft description nameplate, etc. can not meet their appearance requirements. Which is better, nameplate label laser marking machine? With the upgrading of traditional technology by laser processing technology, China has entered a great era of 'light manufacturing. Shenzhen laser is such a high-tech enterprise that integrates laser research and development, sales service and automation equipment, focusing on the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of high-quality industrial laser equipment. Laser marking machine has been widely used in all walks of life, especially in the processing industry of metal nameplate and sign products. In mass production, thousands of different metal nameplate signs need to be numbered and distinguished, and each product has its own unique 'identity code '. The laser marking machine has the unique advantages of fast marking speed, fine effect, strong applicability and maintenance-free, etc. The marking has good contrast, smooth surface and high precision, making the product look more classy after processing, laser Marking has the advantages of being permanent, not easy to remove and not easy to tamper.
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