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Which is better than plate sterilizer or tube sterilizer

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-28
Plate sterilizer is suitable for liquid materials ( Such as dairy products, fruit juice, tea drinks, beer and health drinks) Pasteurization, ultra-pasteurization and ultra-high temperature sterilization. Sterilize and cool the materials through the equipment to achieve the purpose of extending the shelf life. Scope of Application: dairy products, fruit juice, fat, beverage, beer, syrup, soy sauce, vinegar, etc. Tubular sterilizer is mainly used for sterilization and cooling of various concentrated pulp and various seasonings. Touch screen operation is fully automatic control with self-cleaning and reverse cleaning systems. Characteristics of tubular sterilizer: 1. The viscosity range is very large, and the ph value of the use environment is 1- 14, suitable for fresh milk, pasteurized milk, yogurt, colored milk, fruit juice, tea drinks, wine, ice cream, soybean milk, milk drinks, sterile production of longevity milk, jam, sauce products and other products. Under the condition of aseptic packaging, the product treated by UHT sterilization system can maintain its quality or freshness for 3 to 6 months at room temperature (Do not add any fungicides), Remove the cold chain; 2, the equipment is fully automatic or semi-automatic computer control, touch LCD screen operation; 3, instant processing, adhere to the original flavor of the product; 4. PID temperature control system, sterilization temperature is recorded on the recorder in real time; 5. The heat treatment process of the product is uniform, and the heat recovery rate is as high as 90%; 6. There is no contact point in the test tube, there is no sanitary dead angle, the product will not adhere to the test tube, and the bellows will form high turbulence during the sterilization process. It has a self-cleaning effect in the flow process, so it is not easy to form scale and pollution in the water pipe; 7. Longer continuous running time and better CIP self-cleaning effect; 8. Fewer spare parts and lower operating costs; 9. Easy installation, inspection and disassembly, pipeline maintenance facilities; 10. Solid materials can accept higher product pressure.
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