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Which is the best manufacturer of Shenzhen advertising word laser welding machine?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-25
We can see the three-dimensional signs of advertisements everywhere, such as hotels, office buildings, residential areas, government units, subway stations, institutions, stores, etc. are now useful. Its advantages lie in its three-dimensional prominence and powerful visual effect, which is easy for people to remember the company's signboard and impress. So which advertising word laser welding machine manufacturer can achieve the customer's ideal effect, Shenzhen advertising word laser welding machine manufacturer which is good? Laser welding machine can be described as a very wide range of uses, but the general advertising materials are mainly aluminum, galvanized, stainless steel, copper, iron, titanium and other materials. Aluminum and zinc plating include welding of various aluminum profiles and zinc plating materials; Stainless steel is mainly a variety of stainless steel mirror word, wire drawing word, spherical word, plane, paint word, plastic spray word, solid word, electroplating word, spherical word, gold foil word, etc; Copper material can be welded with copper antique characters, copper characters, flat copper characters, spherical copper characters, etc; Titanium has titanium plane, spherical character, Seiko titanium character, etc. Laser welding machine can be applied to every common metal, and the welding speed is fast and the welding effect is precise, which is very beneficial to modern fine processing. Advertising word laser welding machine is mainly aimed at the welding of various metal materials, but not all metals can be processed. Metals such as copper, iron and stainless steel, which are most commonly used in hardware factories and hardware stores, are absolutely applicable. If they are alloy materials, they need to be processed and tested before they can be used. Why do you want a sample? Because all kinds of hardware materials are slightly different, and there are many kinds of welding machines, which welding machine should be tested according to the customer's material, after selecting the most suitable test samples, the customer will choose the most suitable one. This can ensure that the laser welding machine for advertising words purchased by customers is what they need and fully meets the requirements for the materials they want to process. Laser advertising word laser welding case display Shenzhen laser advertising word laser welding machine advantages: 1, non-contact processing, no direct impact on the font, the product is not easy to deform. Welding edge height 0. 5- 20cm it can also be 2. The heat affected area is small, the thermal deformation of the font is small, and the subsequent processing amount is small. 3, the cost of soldering is high, the new advertising word laser welding machine does not need to solder, reduce the cost of the machine. 4, without gas, the traditional welding process is the practice of open flame welding, laser welding machine is simple to operate, improve welding production efficiency.
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