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Which is the best stainless steel laser welding machine? Ranking of laser welding machine manufacturers

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-22
At present, there are many manufacturers of laser welding machines, stainless steel is widely used in people's lives, and laser welding machines have also developed rapidly in stainless steel welding, customers will have such confusion when purchasing stainless steel laser welding machines. At present, there are many manufacturers of laser laser welding machines. What is the most suitable stainless steel laser welding machine for their products, and the cost performance is the highest, improve the quality of products at the same time, in the capacity, cost has been effectively improved, the following we come to understand the stainless steel laser welding machine which is good? Ranking of laser welding machine manufacturers. I think everyone is very concerned about these problems, but they don't understand. Because the current stainless steel laser welding machine manufacturers are saying that their laser welding machine is the best, which makes the user confused, which stainless steel laser welding machine is easy to use. In addition, there are still some phenomena of shoddy and false in the laser welding machine market, so the user's trust in the laser welding machine manufacturers is not very high. The stainless steel laser welding machine has different prices according to different configurations: 1. The most basic laser spot welding machine, manual, is generally used for small batch repair molds, welding gold and silver jewelry, etc; Second, the basic configuration of YAG solid-state laser automatic laser welding machine; Third, in order to improve the conversion rate of radio and television, the laser welding machine that transmits the laser through the optical fiber; 4. Vibrating mirror laser welding machine for rapid welding of thin materials in large quantities; Five, is the optical fiber transmission and vibrating mirror combined with the use of optical fiber vibrating mirror laser welding machine; 6. Laser welding machine equipped with energy negative feedback system. This kind of energy negative feedback can greatly reduce the defective rate of the product, making the light more uniform and stable. The above-mentioned laser welding machines with optical fiber conduction can use this system; Seven, the laser welding machine of fiber laser is more than a little better than YAG laser welding machine, but it is also more than a little more expensive. From the above we are not difficult to see the laser welding machine is according to different configurations have different prices, understand these clearly can be based on their own needs to choose the appropriate stainless steel laser welding machine. There are a lot of information on the ranking of laser welding machine manufacturers on the Internet, many of which are full of hype. However, many of them come from the unilateral ranking of a certain laser welding machine manufacturer, and they are full of subjective forms. Some laser welding machine manufacturers also rank their companies in front of some laser listed companies, think this can deceive users. In fact, like these boastful manufacturers, these rankings are deliberately false, customers need to improve their vigilance when buying laser welding machines. Because from the company's business theory, it shows that these manufacturers are deceiving users. Do you dare to cooperate with these self-proclaimed laser welding machine manufacturers? Have you learned the truth about them? In fact, from the author's point of view, the ranking of such laser welding machine manufacturers is meaningless and unrealistic. Laser suggests that customers can learn more about the qualifications of laser welding machine manufacturers and what long-term cooperation customers, and see how the strength is considered comprehensively.
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