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Which price will you choose for 2019 Fiber laser marking machine?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-24
In this life, we have been making all kinds of choices from birth to death. When we are young, our parents have made many choices for us. When we have independent personality and need to bear personal responsibilities independently, our choice has become more cautious, sometimes even forced to choose, becoming a rogue choice, which is a negative choice. However, if we buy a laser equipment to increase product quality and enhance product competitiveness for the factory, we don't have to make a choice, such as a fiber laser marking machine, which is cheap and has a long service life. In this case, why do we have to buy a better one instead of using it? Since November 2018, the price of domestic fiber laser marking machines in the market has been 2- Between 30 thousand, the customer wants to buy a better fiber laser marking machine, but hopes that the price can be slightly cheaper. After comparing several companies, they feel that they can still be cheaper. Finally, they have heard more introduction from the salesman, I think the configuration of A is better, but the configuration of B can also meet the needs, but after learning the configuration of C, I feel that there is no problem at all and can be used normally. This is A common logical thinking. The possibility of buying C in the end is much higher than the configuration of A and B, and the final Test is handed over to the unknown time test. Of course, the C configuration also has high stability, but the repair rate is higher than that of A and B, and the service life will be affected by the device. At the same time, there will be some restrictions and traps in the after-sales follow-up service. This is like buying a mobile phone. The warranty period for buying a National Apple phone is one year. It can be repaired at any domestic apple after-sales point. Buying a Hong Kong version of an Apple phone is several hundred yuan cheaper, but there is no way to guarantee it, damaged during the warranty period, you need to pay out of your own pocket, and the purchase of the US version of the Apple phone will be cheaper than a thousand yuan. It is not repaired at the regular Apple after-sales point, and it needs to be sent to the non-designated after-sales point for repair. The Hong Kong and US versions of Apple phones still have middlemen renovating machines, second phones and phones from abnormal channels. There are many risks, but the price is only a few hundred yuan, are you willing to bet on the risk of several hundred yuan to buy a Chinese bank or a Hong Kong version or a US version of the mobile phone? This situation also appears in the market of fiber laser marking machine, the difference in price is always determined by the difference in after-sales, hardware configuration, high performance, high stability, high quality fiber laser marking machine on the market is relatively less, the reason is that the accessories are imported, to IPG's fiber laser as an example, they have given up the market of small power, therefore, the price has remained at more than 20 thousand units without price reduction, while the most expensive domestic fiber laser marking machine will not exceed 12000 yuan (Ordinary 20 w q-switched pulse fiber laser) , Not to say that domestic products are not as good as imported ones. On the contrary, the stability of domestic products is now quite high, but there are always some aspects of the process that are slightly short of heat. Of course, in the market of fiber laser marking machines, domestic equipment has been fully able to meet most of the industrial production needs, in some special areas, pure imported fiber laser marking machine still has a market. In the domestic fiber laser marking machine, there are also price differences between different manufacturers and brands. We also take fiber laser as an example, the first tier of fiber lasers can also charge more than 10 thousand yuan in the market in November 2018, while the second tier of fiber lasers costs 8000 or 9000 yuan, while the third tier of fiber lasers only costs 6000 or 7000 yuan, individual manufacturers of fiber lasers will be less than 6000 yuan, so why are they divided into these echelons? The laser is the core of the stability, repair rate, service life, beam quality and other issues of the laser, which directly affects the processing effect, the service life of the equipment and other issues, it is also an important factor that directly reflects the price of the whole fiber laser marking machine. Fiber laser marking machine is a device that integrates fiber laser, vibrating mirror, Lens, control card, computer, power supply, cabinet and other accessories. The configuration cost of a domestic better fiber laser marking machine is about 18000 yuan, the lower configuration cost is about 15000 yuan, followed by the cost of 12000 yuan, and the lowest cost can be less than 10 thousand yuan, which causes the fiber laser marking machine to charge more than 10 thousand yuan, some people call for a price of more than 20 thousand, and some people call for a price of 20,008. The main reason lies in the difference in configuration. How to choose the configuration is decided by the manufacturer. Which grade of fiber laser marking machine will the customer choose?
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