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Why do laser cutting machine are very popular with overseas markets

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-27
Laser equipment industry in China has developed rapidly in recent years, the production of domestic laser cutting machine manufacturer already meet the needs of the domestic market, foreign markets has become the domestic many laser cutting machine manufacturers are like a big birthday cake. When domestic laser equipment company to foreign markets at the same time, foreign customers purchasing China's laser cutting machine. In recent years, overseas orders growing, more and more foreign customers come to China purchasing laser cutting machine. Why are China's laser cutting machine is popular with the overseas market? Below we list some analyse firstly, production technology has reached the international level, domestic numerous equipment accessories manufacturers of laser accessories already compete with foreign parts business form, the production of accessories is also reached the international leading level. This competition to domestic laser cutting machine manufacturers provide strong conditions, integrate the advantage resources also gain a foothold in the international domestic laser equipment. Second, economic technology after ten years of experience accumulation, nansen peak for the r&d and production of laser equipment has formed its own special advantage. According to the market need, from equipment research and development to production has formed a complete system, the late equipment debugging and after-sales service is also handy. Second, the domestic production cost is much lower than the international level lower production costs become numerous domestic industry in the international competition advantage, laser equipment also therefore advantages in the international open up an outlet. Compared with the foreign high production cost, also a similar performance of laser equipment domestic machinery prices on foreign equipment to form a strong shock. Like fiber laser cutting machine, although many core parts are accessories provide abroad, but in domestic assembly under lower costs and prices are far below the level of foreign, also a fiber laser cutting machine price can differ hundreds of thousands of. Foreign customers prefer to pay a high freight to China to purchase machine and also the important reason is the machine to their company is much lower than the local procurement price. Third, perfect after-sale service win the market at a lower price to buy the international standard laser equipment, at the same time buy and perfect after-sales service. At home, many laser cutting machine manufacturer is increasingly competitive, when unable to lower the price compete, now every company to start on the after-sales service. The price already very low, can't lose money to do business, not a sucker? Process, can bring the competition only after sales service. As sen peak laser equipment, as long as you bought their machines, even if, on the other side of the earth can also be traced to their after-sales service. Summary, at lower cost or output with the international level of laser equipment, and perfect after-sales service, in the international best-selling domestic laser equipment. Overseas orders, arrived after the price is lower than its purchase price is domestic laser cutting machine are very popular with foreign markets one of the important factors. Optical fiber laser cutting machine laser cutting
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