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Why is Beverage Packaging Important? Mainly Because of These Four Points!

Why is Beverage Packaging Important? Mainly Because of These Four Points!


China beverage industry website 2018-10-30 23:03:34

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"Packaging is the single biggest driver of global sales growth," said Muhtar Kent, the former chief executive of Coca-Cola.Although packaging plays a big role in consumer decision making, it is a challenge to stand out on the shelves and attract the attention of consumers in an era of overwhelming product choice.

Attracting consumers is only one aspect to consider when choosing which kind of packaging to use.Packaging performs several roles, including protection, marketability, convenience, and information.

The primary role that packaging must play is product protection.In the case of beverages, this means that the product needs to be protected from leakage or contamination during storage and handling.Many products require protection from oxygen entry, sun exposure, carbonic acid gas escape, and misalignment of packaging materials components.All of these events affect the taste and quality of the product.These things become even more important if a product claims that certain conditions must be verified in its product lifecycle. Packaging should also advertise the product.The package should attract consumers and make them take pride in consuming the product.The design of the package itself should convey some information about the product and create the impression of the brand in consumers' mind.Some packages are easily recognizable, such as long-necked beer bottles.

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Consumer convenience is the key to beverage packaging.Some consumers have bought a portable drink only to find that the size of the drink is too large for the inside holder.Packaging should make the product easy to purchase, carry, open and use.This is more challenging than simply maintaining high tightness.The package should be easy to hold with one hand and fit in the refrigerator or in your home cabinet.

Finally, the packaging should convey the necessary information to the consumer, including the ingredients, ingredients, place and date of production, and shelf life information.Packaging can also be used to convey promotional information, special holiday patterns, product use information and so on.

All these factors must be taken into account in the packaging design. Beverage packaging is not only used for product sales on the retail shelves, but also for the protection of beverages, ultimately providing a pleasant product experience to consumers.

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