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Why is continuous fiber laser welding machine so expensive?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-21
Continuous fiber laser welding machine is a high-end and new type of welding method, which is generally composed of 'welding host' and 'welding workbench' to couple the laser beam to the optical fiber, after long-distance transmission, after processing, parallel light is focused on the workpiece to implement continuous welding. Due to the continuity of light, the welding effect is firmer and the weld seam is finer and more beautiful. According to different needs of different industries, the laser welding equipment can match the appearance and workbench according to the production site and realize automatic operation, which can fully meet the needs of users in different industries. Why is continuous fiber laser welding machine so expensive? 1. Most of the continuous fiber laser welding machines use high-power lasers with a power of more than 500 watts. Generally, more than 1mm of the plates should use this kind of laser. The welding machine is based on the deep penetration welding of the small hole effect, the depth-to-width ratio is large, can reach more than 5:1, the welding speed is fast, and the thermal deformation is small. 2. Continuous fiber laser welding machine has become a high-end product in the welding field because of its increasing intelligence, and is even more popular in industries requiring precision welding. The machine is suitable for welding various metals and their alloy materials, and can also achieve precision welding between the same metal or different metals, therefore, it has been widely used in high-end industries such as aerospace equipment, shipbuilding, instrumentation, mechanical and electrical products, and automobile manufacturing. 3. In addition to the effects of fast welding speed, small deformation and no bubbles that can be achieved by ordinary welding machines, it also has the following advantages. The continuous fiber laser welding machine can adopt non-contact welding for the parts that are difficult to access by welding, which is more flexible in operation; In addition, the CCD camera monitoring system is also matched, which is conducive to accurate positioning and easy to observe the welding process. The energy distribution of the welding spot is uniform, ensuring the beauty and performance of the welding workpiece; Help enterprises to realize automated factories, multi-beam processing and production, and mass production of products, showing the advantage of high output ratio in the same series of products; Finally, the laser of the laser welding machine is made of imported materials, and the service life can be as high as more than 10 years.
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