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Working principle and purchasing method of aluminum

by:J&D WATER     2019-12-15
??????1. This sealing machine is mainly used to heat seal compound film materials with inner polyolefin (such as polyethylene, polypropylene, etc.) and plastic bag sealing. ??????2. Composite film sealing includes cellophane sealing, aluminum foil sealing, sprayed aluminum coating sealing, polyester sealing, nylon sealing, polyethylene sealing, polypropylene sealing and other materials. ??????3, the thickness of the film, the width of the seal can be applied within a certain range, can achieve a good and uniform linear seal. ??????4. No matter big bag, small bag, long bag, short bag can be continuous straight line sealing, to obtain satisfactory results. ??????5. The machine is exquisite in design and easy to operate. ??????6. The packaging speed of this machine is fast and the efficiency is high. ??????Selection and selection of aluminum foil sealing machine ??????1. The hand-held aluminum foil sealing machine is easy to operate and has a good sealing effect, but the output is not high. About 30 bottles per minute are sealed, and the labor intensity of the worker is relatively large. Suitable for users of small batch production. ??????There are two types of products on the market: manual trigger heating and automatic trigger heating. ??????Manual trigger: the bottle is placed under the sensor head, the machine starts to work after the button is pressed, and the sealing is completed. When there is no aluminum foil in the bottle, it cannot be found by the operator, which causes defective products to flow out of the factory. ??????Automatic trigger: The bottle is placed under the sensor head, and the machine automatically detects it. If there is aluminum foil, it will automatically trigger the work to complete the sealing. If there is no aluminum foil, it will not work, effectively preventing defective products from flowing out of the factory. ??????2. For customers with a certain production volume and unused production lines, the desktop continuous aluminum foil sealing machine is a good choice. The operation is simple and the sealing effect is good. About 150 bottles are sealed per minute, and the labor intensity of the workers is greatly relieved. ??????3. On-line aluminum foil sealing machine is suitable for production line, no manual operation is required after debugging, completely frees people from the production line, and the output is high. ??????Select sealing range ??????The sealing range of different manufacturers' machines is not the same. You should choose the response sealing range according to the actual situation of your product. ??????Select power ??????When buying an aluminum foil sealing machine, the choice of power is very important. The power selection is small, and the sealing speed is slow or even inadequate; if the power selection is too large, the sealing is not a problem, but the big horse cart causes a waste of resources and money. ??????Output power and heating time are two necessary conditions to complete the aluminum foil sealing, and they complement each other. That is, when the output power is large, the heating time is short, and when the output power is small, the heating time is long.
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