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You can hear the 'clawing' movement tap laser welding machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-24
Most of the faucets are made of stainless steel materials, which are used to control water flow. From the previous cast iron materials to today's stainless steel materials, it is believed that the manufacturing equipment of faucet manufacturers has also updated several generations of products, in the production technology of faucet, welding is repeatedly required to weld these small parts together. What is better for welding? I believe many people already know that laser welding machine is the best welding equipment. Processing principle of faucet laser welding machine: the structure of faucet presents particularity, especially the welding at its turning point, which is even more difficult in the welding process. Stainless steel faucet laser welding machine uses high-energy pulse laser to weld objects. After the xenon lamp pulse is discharged by the laser power supply, the light wave with certain frequency and pulse width is radiated to Nd3: YAG crystal through the condensing cavity, and the crystal emits 1064nm pulsed laser after resonance, after BEAM expansion, reflection and aggregation, welding is carried out. The equipment is equipped with a numerical control work table controlled by PLC or industrial PC. During welding, the laser frequency, pulse width, speed and moving direction of the work table are welded with high precision. Faucet laser welding machine advantages: 1, integration, small size, compact structure, beautiful appearance, flexible and convenient operation useful. 2. Manually control the movement of XY Mobile operation table, and the electric numerical control active welding function can be selected together to complete the rapid active welding of commodities. 3. Electric conditioning the concave and convex of the laser gathering point: through the manual button on the panel, the concave and convex of the laser can be conveniently and quickly adjusted, making the conditioning laser focus easy and convenient. 4. Aiming and positioning function of welding spot: firstly, the general orientation of the welding spot to be welded on the workpiece to be welded can be quickly found through the red light indication, and then the orientation of the welding spot can be accurately aligned through the binocular high multiple expansion investigation microscope, this positioning system enables the operator to easily and conveniently accurately finish the alignment of the welding orientation of the workpiece. According to statistics, 70% of the faucets produced in the country use laser welding, that is to say, 100 faucets, of which 70 are generated by laser welding machines for faucets. And from the above description, the faucet laser welding machine is indeed suitable for welding faucets. It can be said that the faucet laser welding machine plays a vital role in the production of the faucet.
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