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Your Ann high-speed rainwater recycling system is a high content of science and technology

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-06
【 Water treatment equipment 】 Information: yesterday in your new high-speed sponge urban rainwater recycling system project construction site seeing, or the new high-speed east square sponge urban rainwater recycling system construction of pilot area is the largest square, about 6. 80. 92 million square meters. Rain, rain water recycling system through permeable pavement into the drainage system, through the rain water recycling system together to sink Wells, to access the rain garden storage gravel layer. When water level ground drains into the hole, the rainwater drainage system, overflow into the square together into the rain garden planting layer and excess water through the rain garden overflow into the municipal rainwater pipe network system. “ In rain water recovery system in the construction of the sponge, we mainly use the permeable pavement, protective siphon drainage system of new materials, such as security in the process of using won't for any harmful substances, soil and groundwater seepage water penetration rate can reach 95%. Even in - for a long time 30 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius environment, also can maintain good physical properties, have extremely strong durability. ” Sponge, high-speed projects began in August 2018, the current construction progress for protective siphon drainage construction completion 70%, gravel shop is 40% complete. According to statistics, the east square area rainwater recycling system of rainwater savings of up to 8136 cubic meters, the rainwater recycling storage area of 424 cubic meters, water reuse treatment after mechanical filter and ultraviolet disinfection equipment, professional equipment can be used in the square green water and station inside the toilet flush, maximum use of natural resources. It is reported, high-speed project total construction area of 6. An area of 060000 square meters, with a total investment of 12. 300 million yuan, is a set of high-speed railway, subway, bus, taxi and bus seamless transfer in a body's large-scale integrated transport hub, altogether has 14, article 28 rail line platform. High-speed station building a phase of the project construction area of 61000 square meters, about 281 meters long, about 181 meters wide, Including elevated waiting areas and stopping platform) , about 42 meters high, the outbound propylaea 56 meters wide; Your Ann station station set up three layers on the ground, underground 2, local setting interlayer, a total construction area of 60000 square meters. Shanghai-kunming high-speed, yu qian high-speed, guiyang southwest loop, etc. Will be using your high MTR station. In addition, iron is building your meteorological ( Guiyang & ndash; Nanning) Will also introduce the expensive high-speed, and make the site as a departure point.
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