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Taiwan international water week focusing on renewable water treatment equipment

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-05
On September 26 solstice 28, 2019, in Taipei world trade a pavilion, Taiwan international water week, focus on reclaimed water treatment equipment, the first exhibition to reclaimed water treatment equipment for the main shaft, and with the same period of the ministry of economic affairs water conservancy bureau sponsored international BBS, is Asia's most high-profile international professional water treatment equipment exhibition. 'Taiwan's international water week, six exhibition planning, covering reclaimed water ( Water treatment equipment) District, transportation storage and accessories based looks remarkably, terminal area, green area, water purification and drinking water fluid automation and control and water resources business, public works and surrounding service areas, include the middle and lower reaches of industry supply chain, complete a comprehensive professional exhibition and trading platform. Exhibition period also deal with new product technology conference and business opportunities match-filtering multiple activities, such as with 'Taiwan innovation technology expo' and 'Taiwan international circulation economy' exhibition exhibited during the same period.
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